The installation consists of the following apparatuses: a ceramic impulse filter with an autonomous pulse regeneration system and an electric heating circuit of the housing, a heat exchanger for reducing the temperature of the waste gases, a scrubber, measuring equipment. The installation can be mounted near the source of high-temperature gases and take the gases for purification through the dust extraction tube mounted in the gas duct. This installation is designed to:

  • Determining the efficiency of gas purification from solid particles and harmful gas components;

  • Determining the optimum interval and duration of pulse regeneration of ceramic filter element.

  • Selection of reagents for chemical gas purification and determination of its specific consumption rate. Reagents in a dry form are fed directly into the CIF 0.02;

Applications: gas purification systems of precious metals smelting furnaces, wet catalysis plants, solid fuel boilers, incinerators, glass furnaces and basalt furnaces, catalyst regeneration plants. Hazardous and radioactive waste incinerators.
Capital cleaning costs reduction
Smaller area occupied by the filter
Lower aerodynamic resistance
Less maintenance
Lower overall operating costs: energy savings
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