Advantages (in comparison with competitors):

We use advanced software, which allows us to solve complex problems in aerodynamics and heat transfer in applied engineering tasks with high accuracy.


Calculation of efficiency and energy consumption, aerodynamics of gas ducts, buildings, structures, standard and non-standard equipment is performed by computer simulation with subsequent verification on laboratory, semi-industrial installations. The results of such modeling allow reducing the costs of experimental studies and assessing the technical characteristics of equipment at the design stage with high accuracy. 

Result: When calculating the dust-collecting equipment the following are subject to calculation: total and fractional purification factor, aerodynamic resistance of the apparatus. When calculating the aerodynamics of gas duct system, determine the aerodynamic resistance of the network, the distribution of pressures and velocities along the duct, flow rate characteristics, etc. When calculating the aerodynamics of production workshops: the distribution of speeds and pressures at reference points in order to optimize supply — exhaust ventilation systems.

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