The NTC Bakor LLC Gas Purification Laboratory is accredited under the national accreditation system. Accreditation Certificate RA.RU.21N063.

The gas purification laboratory is equipped with the most modern measuring equipment of high accuracy class. The measuring equipment undergoes annual verification and calibration in accordance with the requirements of GOST 17025 – 2019.

Measurements of gas-dust stream parameters (temperature, dynamic pressure, dust content, disperse composition, chemical composition of gas streams as well as calculations of gas velocity and volume flow rate) are performed in accordance with state standards (GOST, GOST, GOST, GOST 33007-2014. 

Dispersive analysis is carried out by two methods: directly in a gas-dust stream with a cascade impactor of NIIOGAZ design or with a preliminary isokinetic sampling and determination by laser diffraction on Fritsch Analysette 22 NanoTec.

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Type of work


Analysis of the available documentation on the sources of emissions, apparatus chain.


Analysis of the technical condition of gas purification apparatus, gas ducts, auxiliary equipment. Operating conditions of the equipment. Primary record logs. Keeping records of repairs and spare parts.


Instrumental determination of emission rates from the source and chain of apparatus of gas purification systems with the account of changes in emission rates over time, caused by non-simultaneous, uneven operation of equipment, changes in operating conditions of equipment and stages of processes during which pollutants are formed and emitted.


Calculation of the efficiency of gas purification in the installation. 


Technological calculations of gas purification processes in such devices as cyclones, scrubbers, bag filters, coolers, flow coolers.


Calculation of the dispersion of harmful emissions in UPRZA Ecolog 4.0 complex


Development of technical solutions to: reducing emissions from gas treatment installations, increasing treatment efficiency, reducing energy consumption, etc.

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