Horizontal Belt Filter HBF for dewatering of easily filtered and fast-settling suspensions

Horizontal Belt Filter HBF for dewatering of easily filtered and fast-settling suspensions

Intended use:

  • Filtration of concentrate suspensions with 71μm particle size concentrations of more than 50% 
  • Filtration of products with high gravitational settling degrees 
  • Hydrometallurgical products with cake washing requirements 


  • Water and sewage and utilities;
  • Coal industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Pulp and paper industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Leather industry;
  • Metal industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Petrochemical industry.

Principle of operation:

Belt filters are efficient and reliable continuous duty equipment that provides high degree of cake dewatering, consistently acting on it by gravitational and vacuum forces, and cake washing directly on the belt. The filters are effective in dewatering of ore materials with particle sizes exceeding 71μm and crystallized products of chemical plants.


    • Acid leaching of copper, cobalt and pyrites 
    • Extraction of alumina from sintered sludge 
    • Extraction of uranium after acid or carbonate leaching 
    • Extraction of saturated solution 
    • Cellulose pulp washing 
    • Extraction of vanadium and tungsten 
    • Washing of nitrates 
    • Soda ash 
    • Extraction of yellow cake

      Main advantages compared to competitors:

      • Extraction of more than 99.8% solutions is achieved due to maintenance of a solution surface level in the washing zone creating an ideal displacement. 
      • Cake thickness control and its effective drying 
      • Dewatering of cake with high gravitational sedimentation force 
      • High serviceability due to the filter design simplicity 
      • High dewatering efficiency due to the sequence and special geometry of shafts of various diameters;
      • Low power consumption;
      • Low flocculant consumption;
      • High corrosion protection: AISI 304 stainless steel housing; high-capacity shafts made of polymer coated structural carbon steel;
      • Reliability ensured by high-quality components, automated belt control system and drift protection;
      • Compact size

      Площадь фильтрующей поверхности – 9 м2

      Filtering area – 9 m2

      Рабочий вакуум – 0,06 МПа

      Operating vacuum – 0.06 MPa

      Рабочее давление внутри фильтра – до 06, МПа

      Internal filter operating pressure – up to 06 MPa

      Рабочая длина ваккумной камеры – 4,5 м

      Vacuum chamber working length – 4.5 m

      Рабочая ширина дренажной ленты – 2 м 

      Drainage belt working width – 2 m 

      Удельная произ-сть при плотности питания 1100 кг/м3 – 0,5 т/м3/ч

      Specific capacity at feed density of 1,100 kg/m3 – 0.5 t/m3/h

      Удельная произ-сть при плотности питания 1500 кг/м3 – 1 т/м3/ч

      Specific capacity at feed density of 1,500 kg/m3 – 1 t/m3/h

      Установленная мощность привода – 7,5 кВт

      Installed drive power – 7.5 kW

      Габаритные размеры – 7/3,7/2,5 м

      Overall dimensions – 7/3.7/2.5 m

      Масса, не более – 10 т

      Max. weight – 10 t



      1. Ролик натяжения фильтроткани

      1. Filter cloth tension roller

      2. Разглаживающий ролик

      2. Smoothing roller

      3. Уплотняющий ролик

      3. Feed dam roller

      4. Коллектор подачи питания

      4. Power supply manifold

      5. Рама

      5. Frame

      6. Лента дренажная

      6. Drain belt

      7. Короб подачи воздуха для системы воздушной подушки

      7. Air supply box for belt slide system

      8. Мотор-редуктор

      8. Gear motor

      9. Фильтроткань

      9. Filter cloth

      10. Система коллекторов для очистки и регенерации фильтроткани

      10. Filter cloth wash and regeneration manifold system

      11. Приводной барабан

      11. Drive pulley

      12. Вакуумная камера

      12. Vacuum box

      13. Коллектор вакуумный

      13. Vacuum manifold

      14. Система воздушной подушки

      14. Belt slide system

      15. Натяжной барабан

      15. Tension pulley

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