Cartridge Filter (CF) for Solution Clarification
Cartridge Filter (CF) for Solution Clarification

Cartridge Filter (CF) for Solution Clarification

Intended use:

  • Cleaning of industrial wastewater of chemical plants
  • Filtration of acids for solids removal
  • Filtration of electrolyte solutions
  • Filtration of process water and other liquids contaminated with suspended solids
  • Filtration of hydrometallurgical solutions
  • Use in natural water treatment facilities for household and drinking needs


  • Housing and utilities sector
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Mining and processing industry
  • Non-ferrous and ferrous metal industry
  • Power industry

    Principle of operation:

    It is based on the filtering ability of elements made of porous permeable ceramics that remove insoluble solids from liquids that pass through them. Cartridge ceramic filters are based on pressure filtration. Liquid is supplied into the cartridge ceramic filter, forced through the ceramic pores into the inner cavity of the cartridge elements and discharged from the unit via manifolds. At the same time, the cake formed on the outer surface of the cartridges, in turn, acts as an additional filter layer. As the cake thickness increases, the cartridge ceramic filter capacity decreases, and upon reaching a certain thickness, the filtration process stops. Cake is discharged from the cartridge element surface by the backflow of compressed air or filtrate. The cake, suspension and filtrate residues are removed from the cartridge ceramic filter housing by compressed air or hydrostatic pressure


    The filters are used for filtering a wide range of suspension classes and are suitable for separation of suspensions with small solids concentrations and high-temperature suspensions that can't be cooled due to crystal crashing out.


    • High capacity – 1.9 m3/m2
    • 99.98% solids extraction from solutions
    • Solid content in the filtrate does not exceed 0.001 g/liter
    • Pure filtrate can be used in closed-loop water-recycling systems
    • Recovery of valuable solid products for production
    • No groundwater pollution with heavy metals
    • No finely dispersed insoluble calcium compounds in the filtrate
    • Ability to filtrate hot solutions
    • Long service life of filter elements - 12 months or more
    • Selection of filter elements for specific filtered product requirements 

    The use of nanodispersed binder based cartridge ceramic filter elements developed by Bakor ensures 100% filtration of solids, enables setting up closed-loop water-recycling systems, extraction of valuable substances from tailings and burial of dry solids at minimum cost and maximum performance.

    Main advantages (compared to competitors):


    Bakor specification

    Typical of competitor cloth based filters

    Ability to select pore diameter for a specific task



    High strength

    Compression strength above 32 MPa 

    One or two parameters that are not inferior to BAKOR ceramics can be chosen, but not all of them simultaneously

    High simultaneous chemical resistance to a wide range of substances

    Acid resistance over 97%, alkali resistance – min. 90%, absolute resistance to organic solvents

    High temperature applications

    Limited only by the medium's boiling point

    Increased element service life

    Depending on the task, can reach several years

    1-2 months

    Ability to get crystal-clear filtrate without additional clarification stages

    less than 0.02 g/l
    (particulate arresting efficiency over 99.9% in the entire operation cycle), ability to capture less than 1μm particles

    Particulate arresting efficiency usually does not exceed 98% at the start of operation, with a standard average particle size of min. 10μm

    The main advantage of filters using ceramic candles as a filter membrane is that they can SIMULTANEOUSLY combine many properties, which are either very difficult to obtain or which have to be selected to the prejudice of others with cloth filters. These include high strength, chemical and temperature resistance, improved wear resistance and longer service life. At the same time, ceramic filters provide an essential ability to obtain a homogeneous filtration surface with minimum pore sizes, which are actually not achievable with woven materials. This enables to get crystal pure filtrate without additional clarification stages or pre-coated layers. 

    Specifications and standard sizes:







     Total filtering area








    CCF-X is a cartridge ceramic filter with a filtering area of X m2

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